About Me

Hello, my name is Nicolas Saad and I am originally from Sausalito, California. I currently live in Berkeley. I am a fresh graduate from General Assembly’s Android Development Immersive course held in San Francisco. While I was there I learned how to program apps by following best practices (like writing DRY code) and by using the Material Design conventions. While programming in the Android Studio, I learned how to work with 3rd party libraries, make API calls, program services, and implement fragments. But that’s a small list of what we covered in twelve weeks. If you use an Android device check out my app Garage Sale Hunter!

I also have fifteen years of HTML experience and have developed websites for a handful of companies and clients. If you want to have some fun check out my old student flash page! There you will find a short documentary I made called Houseboats of Sausalito along with a link to a short comedy I wrote called Family Hairloom.